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BLE2 Click - MikroElectronika

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BLE2 click is an excellent choice if you want simple, temporary connectivity with your smart devices over Bluetooth 4.1.

BLE2 click features the RN4020 module from Microchip, that integrates RF, a baseband controller, and a command API processor, making it a complete Bluetooth Low Energy solution. The click communicates with the target board MCU through mikroBUS™ RX, TX and AN (CMD), PWM (con.), and RST (wake) lines. The board is designed to use 3.3V power supply only.

Microchip Low-energy Data Profile

The RN4020 has Microchip’s Low-energy Data Profile (MLDP) which enables an asynchronous serial data connection between two RN4020 devices (which could be two BLE2 clicks). The module can be remotely controlled or updated over-the-air by another module over a secure connection or can be controlled or updated through its UART interface.

PCB trace antenna

The RN4020 module aboard BLE2 click incorporates a PCB antenna with a range of at least 30m. 

Bluetooth 4.1

Bluetooth 4.1 is intended for IoT, it has low power consumption and lets any device be a peripheral and a hub at the same time.


Type Bluetooth,BLE
Applications Bluetooth Low Energy is becoming a pervasive standard for IoT applications in any number of domains (home automation, fitness, health and so on). Because of MLDP support, BLE2 click works great in pairs
On-board modules MicroChip RN4020
Key Features N4020 Bluetooth 4.1 module. PCB antenna. Integrated TCP/IP stack
Key Benefits MLDP support makes it easy to connect a pair of BLE2 clicks. Can be setup both as a client or a server
Interface UART,GPIO
Input Voltage 3.3V
Compatibility mikroBUS
Click board size S (28.6 x 25.4 mm)

Pinout diagram

This table shows how the pinout on BLE2 click corresponds to the pinout on the mikroBUS™ socket (the latter shown in the two middle columns).

Notes Pin Mikrobus logo.png Pin Notes
Indicates connection state CONN 1 AN PWM 16 CMD/MLDP Command or MLDP mode
Deep Sleep Wake SWAKE 2 RST INT 15 NC  
  NC 3 CS TX 14 BT_UART_TX UART Transmit
  NC 4 SCK RX 13 BT_UART_RX UART Receive
  NC 5 MISO SCL 12 NC  
  NC 6 MOSI SDA 11 NC  
Power supply +3.3V 7 3.3V 5V 10 NC  
Ground GND 8 GND GND 9 GND Ground


The code sets up the BLE2 click board, and sends messages through Bluetooth low energy every 5 seconds. If the BLE2 click board receives messages over Bluetooth low energy, the code displays the message and updates the buffer.

01 void main() {
02   Display_Init();
03   MCU_Init();
04   #ifdef INIT_BLE
05   BLE_Init();
06   delay_ms(2000);
07   #else
08   RN_WAKE = 1;
09   wait_response("CMD");
10   #endif
11   DrawFrame();
12   InitTimer2();
13   while(1)
14   {
15     if(data_ready)
16     {
17       //If characteristic is configured as write
18       //received messages come here
19       Display_Message();
20       reset_buff();
21     }
22     else
23     {
24        //Test: every 5sec increase baterry level (0 to 100%)
25        //and send value via Bluetooth Low Energy
26        if (tmr_flg)
27        {
28           batt_level++;
29           if(batt_level > 100)
30           {
31             batt_level = 0;
32           }
33           Display_BatteryLevel();
34           if(RN_CONN)
35           { //send battery level value if BLE connected
36             shorttohex(batt_level, batt_level_txt);
37             ltrim(batt_level_txt);
38             ble2_write_server_characteristic_value_via_UUID("2A19",batt_level_txt);
39           }
40           tmr_flg = 0;
41        }
42     }
43   }
44 }	


 30 g

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